How to add meta data to your site?

This is the captcha that um is the little anti-spam word uh comment reply notification custom metadata manager um so anyway so there’s a whole bunch of plugins let me show you some of the more important ones google xml sitemaps is a wonderful one because it generates a special xml sitemap and that helps the search engines find your website jetpack is sort of a standard one i don’t really use it that much to be honest i like next-gen gallery it’s a really good gallery plug-in i have to say though sometimes it slows down your entire site which is why i have next-gen gallery optimizer as you can see here’s the peter’s anti uh peter’s custom anti-spam profile picture sidebar login uh smart youtube pro is good for adding articles subscribe buttons um some of these ones from wordpress are really really useful wpband allows you to ban people if by ip address etc if you’ve got not nasty people that you need to keep away from your site this wp email allows people to recommend your site from your posts polls is a good one post views that was the one that showed all the views this is a useful one wp print it allows people to just simply print out your web page which again you would think would be automatic but it’s not this is a really good one wp touch mobile plugin this allows your site to be a much better website on devices on tablets and smartphones and xcloner is a great website for backing up your database.


So um this was the introduction to plugins and i’ve showed you how they worked i’ve showed you some of the ones that i use let me just very quickly before we go any further here let me just show you how you can add a new plugin so here is where we add new plugins so we go under add new and this is kind of fun it’s almost like window shopping okay so this is the install plugins page and you can do a search let’s say for whatever reason you want to um you want to find a plugin i mean it gives you actually a bunch of tags here so there’s you know image plugins sidebar plugins photos media widgets whatever let’s say you wanted to make a progress bar for let’s say you’re doing like a fundraising thing and you want to do like a little progress bar or something whenever people donate we just do search plugins progress and here’s progress bar custom progress bar etc.


So what you can do is you can search the plugins that you like and wordpress is great because if you like what you see and it’s well rated and it seems like a good plugin you can just click install now and it will automatically be installed and then you’ll find it easily in your installed plugins so i encourage you to explore plugins further and i will give you that resource so you’ll know which ones are best for your new website i hope you enjoyed the plugins crash courseĀ  okay so we’ve made our first post and our first page you can also adjust the appearance of your entire site so under appearance here you have all of these different things we have appearance themes and yes i want to go there so i can show you so we’re going to go and here you’ll find um this is actually my theme that i’m using right now and there’s all these other themes from wordpress that are available um and just ignore those if we scroll down here’s the default this is the default wordpress theme and you can do a preview of what your site would look like within this theme take a look at what aura’s house would look like in this default wordpress theme.


So you’ll see there’s my sample post is here and actually all my other posts are down here so this gives me a bit of a preview but i’m not going to save and activate i’m going to hit cancel because i’m quite happy with the theme that i already have there’s a wordpress classic etc so i’m going to just close this for a minute so you have a couple of themes that wordpress is going to give you that you can try on if you’d like and you can also under add new theme click here and it’s going to give you it’s going to bring you to a place where you can look at featured themes popular themes latest etc so let’s say i want to go to popular okay so let’s say we go and we look at popular themes it will show me some really interesting themes and so let’s say for whatever reason we want to we like the look and the feel of virtue or even this is a nice one too spacious okay so some of these are very visuals others might be better um you know have more space for lots of posts .


So basically you just find a theme that you like you click on it you hit preview to see what your site would look like you also get additional information ratings etc and this is the theme preview this is actually not um giving me a preview of my site it’s just giving me what the basically how it’s set up but if i were to install this theme then i would be able to preview it just like i was doing before and yeah basically what i do when i’m looking for a theme is again i don’t fuss too much over the colors or anything else i just look more for the general layout does it suit my purposes is it gonna you know do what i want my blog or my um website to do and then once you have your theme every theme has an area where you can customize it and make little changes okay so anyway that was under appearance themes and as promised if we want to go under appearance customize just to show you so remember i’m using the theme arthemia right here and um there’s all these little things that i can customize right from in here so it gives me some some different things for my title and tagline static and front page etc so it gives me these little options as well um there’s also when you install your theme sometimes you’ll find that um you need to go under this category here called editor

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