How to inherit all the NS fetch results controller functionality?

Insert a row put them in whatever delete a row all that well now your part is probably starting to think hey I thought this end especially social alts controller supposed to be easy but I got to implement all this in here for all the delegate methods that’s is too hard okay well lucky for you we’re going to provide a class for you called core data tableview controller something we wrote that does all that for you okay this all that stuff it does for you you can actually see all that in the documentation for NS fetch results controller right at the top it actually shows you the code that you want to use unfortunately in Objective C so we’ve written it all in Swift for you and provided this class core data tableview controller so you’re just going to make this table view controller be your subclass or your superclass of your table view controller so that you’ll inherit all this NS fetch results controller functionality and all you need to do to make it work is it has a VAR this cord a view table you control only has one public thing which is a var which is a fetch results controller you just need to create this fetch results controller which means creating the NS fetch result fetch request and then set this var and once you set this var this automatically can start updating your table okay.

Now of course you’re going to have to implement self or own index path because you got to load up your thing however you’re going to load it up but that’s all you have to do cellforrowatindexpath set this bar you’re winning okay now that’s it for core data remember that assignment four has nothing to do with core data okay so do not do anything with core data in assignment four assignment five is going to be a lot of core data okay so I mean I have to teach you the stuff before I give it to you like I did for assignment four but then I have to teach the stuff for the thing and sometimes people get confused and they think the thing I’m teaching now goes into the assignment that went out a couple days ago but no okay so a force I’m for new core data a five all core data basically okay so next week I’ll do a demo on this okay on Monday I’m gonna do a big old demo where we can do all this stuff I talked about today so you can see how it all works in action as always and then you’ll have a five go out that’s on Monday and it can be due the next Monday on Wednesday I’m going to do Auto layout because I’ve kind of been hinting at Auto layout showing you a little bit here in there now I’m going to talk about really how Auto layout works to layout your user interface you can use stack view for a lot of things but sometimes you need a little bit of extra layout capabilities and next week I’m also going to talk about the requirements for your final project okay.

What you are required to do to have a successful final project and so it’s time now for you to start thinking a little bit about what you might want to for a final project and certainly as soon as I give this lecture next week on final project requirements right away you’re going to want to nail down what you want to do because you only get three weeks to do it so it not only gives you a week or so to think of what you want to do okay so be ready to kind of go out of the gate with that next week okay that’s it I will see you next week.

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