How to make a work form home environment in your app?

Okay let’s get things started it’s 1 30 p.m eastern standard time on saturday july 18th uh rohan thank you so much for taking the time and everybody who’s joining us via youtube um we are going to be live streaming this on youtube as well as on twitter uh we do have a link which we will share if you are on twitter just give it a retweet give it a share i want others to join i’m welcome to share this link with others who you think who might find this interesting let me quickly find that link as well okay so um welcome to the second session of our android web series uh with rohan uh so rohan is joining us from louisiana state university lsu i know everybody’s working from um uh home these days so he took the time to help us run this series and help other students who have no idea or maybe a little bit of an understanding as to what android development.

Unfortunately last week’s session we had to cut short because we uh i lost power uh while we were doing the live stream there was a big storm that came and hit however what we’re going to do is we’re going to start off with a little bit of an introduction and then we’re going to start off that second app that he was building in the middle of it um today and then we have his regular programming that we listed out he’s going to cover within that two hour sessions uh now don’t hesitate to ask questions uh online uh on the chat we’re taking live questions we’re gonna stop and interrupt rohan in the middle of the program um so don’t be scared to there’s no such thing as a stupid question uh always interrupt the more interactivity we have from you all the better it’s going to be uh overall right so that being said uh quick introduction as to what why we’re running this series so we are rohan is a lead one of our leads for google’s uh developer student clubs um.

So he’s been running a club teaching students a lot of these skills that he learned over time and he uh dedicated his time to uh bring some of that online that he was teaching last year so for all of you can uh join and uh enjoy so that being said i’m gonna hand it over to rohan to take it over and go from there perfect thank you madison for the introduction uh it’s pretty cool so yes so as madison mentioned last week’s session was cut short because of a small technical problem i think it was a power cut where malaysia was so we were actually halfway through the favorite celebrity app so here’s the actual schedule that was i mean the regular schedule you know um we had planned to do our hello world app and our favorite celebrity app last saturday and so we completed this app in half so.

Now what we’re going to do is actually we’re going to start this app from the beginning because we did not cover as much so we can actually start from the beginning so folks who didn’t tune in last week they can start a new uh so you don’t need to know what we did last week now we are actually planning to do two apps today that one is the currency converter app and the favorite movies app however the as i said we’re going to be doing the favorite celebrity app and this one the currency converter app today so this will be moved this favorite movies app will probably go to next week or we might give it as a challenge just to see if as for you to test your skills and the solution code is always on github or all these projects all the code is going to go and github i think the code for uh the first five apps are already on github.

So you can check that out uh on my github i probably the links must be there in the description yeah the links are on the on the video description perfect yes so all of you can check it out and solution code is always there cool so the agenda for today pretty exciting two apps the first one for about 45 minutes is our favorite celebrity app uh and then it’s good we’re going to follow that with about one hour of our currency converter app and after that we’re going to have a dedicated questions uh 10 minutes time just for your questions and then we’re going to talk about what we’re going to do next week now as i mentioned last week also this dedicated question session sure that’s for questions however you can always put your questions in at any time in the youtube chat section and um and yudesh they will interrupt me and and tell me the question.

So that we can cover it so don’t hesitate this is a very interactive session it’s not uh just a talk a one way it’s not you’re not on a one-way road it’s a two-way street so i’m going to listen to what what feedback or questions you have and i’m definitely going to answer it so without any further ado let us begin our favorite celebrity app so it looks like this some of the skills we’re going to cover here is uh this biggest important thing which we which is new for us is something called on click listeners which basically when you click a button we want to implement some functionality.

So here it is showing that uh this message here this is something called toast which is the second important thing we’re going to learn from this app so we’re going to have an image here a button here you click on the button and it tells you a specific custom message lot to cover pretty exciting let’s begin so before we begin let us download the image of our favorite celebrity that we want to display here so if you um i mean you are free to download your favorite celebrity mine is conan o’brien so i have downloaded these and i will download it along with you now so go into brand pictures search for your favorite celebrities pictures i will take this one right click save image as the usual way save the image save it in a folder like a downloads folder or anywhere you want leave it as default name one picture will be fine.

So if you haven’t picture that’s nice so your picture is in the downloads folder perfect that’s your setup now this is where we had uh this is the progress that we had last week but as i said we’re going to start a new so we get some practice in and folks who didn’t tune in last week they also can follow along with today’s session so let’s create a new android studio project file new new project and you should get a page like this where you have these templates

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