Lockdown diaries: Sunil Chhetri dons the chef’s hat

Lockdown diaries: Sunil Chhetri dons the chef’s hat

“I’m fast and clean. I might have a living after football in dishwashing, I’m that good!” Now, when’s the final time you’ve heard somebody who’s profession stats are comparable with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi say one thing like that? Enter Indian soccer captain, Sunil Chhetri.

Having terrorised defenders for a dwelling, Chhetri has picked up a somewhat invaluable talent over the coronavirus-induced lockdown: dishwashing. “I have been assigned the task of dishwashing at home and I have become really good over the lockdown,” he says with a tinge of delight in his voice. From lifting many a cup on the soccer pitch to scrubbing cups clear by the kitchen sink, he appears to have finished all of it.

The Indian nationwide group captain is at dwelling together with his spouse at their Bengaluru residence. “I am trying to be of as much as help as I can to my wife with the household chores. I help with cleaning, dusting and making the bed. The other day I cleaned all three bathrooms; it took me almost three hours,” he mentioned in earnest.

India’s most-capped footballer has spent appreciable time within the kitchen and has tried his luck on the culinary arts, too. “I am a horrible cook, but I try to make small things like snacks and tea. I saw some vegan recipes on YouTube and tried to make oats laddus the other day and I also made some chia pudding. They came out pretty well!”

Remembering my Chuni da

The Bengaluru FC skipper, who’s well-known for his uncompromising exercise regime and strict weight-reduction plan, endured a little bit of a droop heading into the lockdown. “We were knocked out of the Indian Super League on February 8 and till March 10 I did not do any physical activity. I needed the rest because I took a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection on my hamstrings. It was long due and I was advised two weeks of rest.

“The first weeks were bad; I was sleeping late and eating whatever I wanted to. I devoured garlic naans, pizzas and burgers. I think it was the first time I had so many cheat meals. I had gained almost 2-3kg in just about a month,” he mentioned. “Thankfully, reality hit me. It’s been almost two weeks now and now I’m back on track. I work out six days a week and take complete rest on one day. I’ve been focusing on band work, cardio, stretching and core workouts at home now,” he added.

Present lockdown = Low season life

Chhetri additionally revealed that his go-to tune throughout a exercise is the raging sensation ‘Dance monkey’ by Australian artist Tones and I. “I play it when I work out. I used to call it ‘Monkey dance,’ but my wife corrected me and said it’s called ‘Dance monkey,’” the 35-year-old mentioned sheepishly.

Very similar to all of us, Chhetri too has succumbed to binge-watching. Having binged on the brand new Cash Heist sequence, he mentioned he likes to juggle genres.

Chia pudding is proof of Sunil Chhetri’s credentials as a budding chef.   –  Particular Association


“One thing I’ve realised is if you stick to one genre, it gets monotonous and you don’t learn anything new. So I try to juggle around. I watched a few lovely videos about cosmos stuff. I learnt a few things about our solar system, this is what excites me. It is very interesting, give it a shot and you will be mesmerised,” he mentioned.

Whereas his ardour for the photo voltaic system is obvious from his tone, there’s one other explicit set of movies that preserve him going — highlights that includes Messi.

“In fact, even before this interview, I was stretching and was watching a Messi video. And that really lifts me up. If anyone in the world is sad, just put on Messi video and he’ll be happy,” he mentioned.

Our hope and worry about the way forward for sport after COVID-19

“The kinds of goals he scores, his dribbles, his nutmegs, his understanding of the game, his touches are unbelievable. I don’t think you can teach anyone that, you know — you can’t teach someone to dribble five players in your own box. The coach will probably never play you again (if you did that)! But then you watch Messi dribbling five players his own box… He’s just different,” Chhetri mentioned.

With 72 worldwide targets, Sunil Chhetri is the second-highest energetic worldwide goal-scorer, sandwiched between Cristiano Ronaldo (proper) in first spot and Lionel Messi in third.   –  Getty Photos


With a surprising 72 worldwide targets to his identify, Chhetri is the second-highest energetic worldwide goal-scorer, sandwiched between Ronaldo in first spot and Messi in third.

When requested who he thinks is a extra full footballer, Chhetri says: “In case you say that, then I’ll say Ronaldo. I imply, it’s shut. The second you say full, it’s about peak, heading means, capturing with each ft, coming again to defend corners additionally – so, in that facet, sure, Ronaldo.

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“But generally, as a player, there’s no comparison between Messi and anyone else. He’s just a level up — he’s completely different. If you ask me who affects the game more, it has to be Messi. The build-up play, the passes, the assists, and the understanding. The value of him in Barcelona or Argentina gives him a little edge over Ronaldo. I think he’s the best player.”

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